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Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt. 3

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is most found Letterbox Hybrid Caches in Manitoba during the Hidden Creatures promo.  They are: manymoos with 19, GG&J and myself with 16, Hakliva with 15, and QuiltinAnnie with 14.

Last week I wrapped up my two day adventure with Hakliva, completing a geo-art that was started in April, and finding unique field puzzle caches.  In total , for me, 159 caches logged as found.  5 DNFs (2 have been confirmed missing and disabled since by that particular CO and 2 others have since been replaced by a different CO), and three notes on challenge caches that I didn't quite meet the requirements (I have since met the requirements of one).  That isn't the end of the adventures I would go on during the Hidden Creatures promo.

There's one cache, just Northeast of the city that appears to be in the middle of nowhere.  No roads leading to ground zero, no real way of getting there other than marching thru fields.  It's been on my rad…
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Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt 2

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact has the potential to being another blog down the road.  It's all about my FTFs (First to Finds).  From March 14, 2014 to June 4, 2018 I have a total of 15 FTFs.  From July 16, 2018 to August 11. 2018 I have added 12 more FTFs to my list, for a total of 27.  Not sure if it's something I ate, drank, something in the air, but I've become a FTF hound.  **I had to edit this as I got two more after this was typed, and went for one more this morning that I had solved at 1:30am.  I should have went at 1:30am.  I missed out on that one.**

This week I continue with my adventure with Hakliva and her vlog is also the continuation as she captured it.  We accomplished what we wanted to do for the Saturday, set up camp, and turned in for the evening.  Sunday was a new set of goals.  There are a bunch of challenge caches that I wanted to get (I love challenge caches) and Hakliva wanted to do a series of field puzzle caches.  The challenge c…

Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt 1

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is all about Manitoba geocachers with the most finds in July.  They are:  two gemseekers - 748, JB - 668, JAB007 - 549, and Hakliva - 461.  I finished 14th in the province with 233 finds in July.  A total of 1,044 Manitoba geocachers found at least one geocache in July.

This is the second week that my blog will coincide with Hakliva's vlog.  We'll both be looking at the most recent Geocaching HQ promotion that just concluded over a week ago.  This time around, all you needed to do was find 100 geocaches in a 29 day period as specified by Geocaching HQ to unlock 13 souvenirs.  The first few were easy, but the numbers needed to unlock the remaining souvenirs became harder.  When this promotion was announced, my initial reaction was "meh".  Nothing really difficult to finding 100 geocaches, unless you live in a rural area and you have your area cached out within a 50 mile radius.  Unlike last summer's Mary Hyde promot…

Geocaching and Encounters with Animals pt 3

Good morning everyone.  For this week's fun fact, I'll be sharing some of the attributes that I've found with geocaches.  As of the last update from project gc, I've found 39 caches with the dangerous animal attribute, 1,355 dogs attribute, 120 horses, 35 livestock, and 1,328 recommended for kids (they can be animals too LOL).

I was going to look back at the Hidden Creatures promo this week, but I've decided to do something a little different instead, and for the next couple of weeks hopefully.  My blog will tie in, directly or indirectly, with local vlogger Hakliva's video.  In future weeks, I'll be looking back at the Hidden Creatures promotion as will Hakliva.  You'll be able to read and watch our adventures on the same day.  Before I can do that, and trying to sync in with Hakliva, this week will be about another encounter with animals.  Hakliva has an encounter in this week's video.  You'll have to watch to see what crosses her path.  My bl…

Geocaching and Odds & Ends pt 1

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact comes back home to Manitoba.  64 Earthcaches can be found in the province of Manitoba, along with 8 Wherigos and 10 Virtuals.

This week I want to introduce something different.  Every time we go out to find a geocache, an adventure awaits.  Sometimes those adventures can be a story by itself.  Sometimes it's just a highlight that might be worthy of a paragraph, but to make a whole blog about it would be stretching the creativity pallet.  After a recent conversation with local vlogger Hakliva, I came up with "Odds & Ends".  These will be short stories of sorts.  A mish mash of adventures or an adventure that eludes a title.

I'm going to start with this past Monday.  The plan was to team up with Hakliva to find a few caches just outside the city, to the NorthEast.  The night before, Hakliva mentioned that she had a friend from out of town and our plans may have to change.  These things happen, so I came up with a bac…

Geocaching and Camping Pt 3

Good morning everyone.  In keeping with the North Dakota theme, this week's fun facts is the breakdown of the number of caches in North Dakota.  They are as follows:  Earth - 24, Letterbox - 11, Multi - 67, Virtual - 5, Mystery - 176, and traditional - approximately 2,655.  Have you found them all?

This week I conclude my camping and caching trip to the NDGCA camping and caching event at Icelandic State Park in North Dakota.  Sunday, June 24th.  Another slow moving morning.  This time it was self-inflicted.  This is my punishment for staying up and trying to be the last one at the campfire.  I'm surprised I didn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.  Rise, shower, and pack up my campsite. 

There was a new virtual about 12 miles to the West of the park.  Problem is, the breakfast event was in Cavalier, to the East.  What to do?  Eat, then backtrack for the virtual?  Or do I get the virtual and be late for breakfast?  Getting the virtual first would mean less driving and I can…

Geocaching and Camping pt. 2

Good morning everyone.  In keeping with the North Dakota theme of this blog, this week's fun fact is about North Dakota.  The county with the most geocaches is Cass county, in the South East of the state (includes the city of Fargo), with 441.  Counties with the fewest are Steele county (Southwest of Grand Forks), Towner county (North of Devil's Lake towards the Canadian border), and Sioux county (South of Bismarck, towards South Dakota) with 2 caches each.

This week is part two of my camping trip to North Dakota and taking part in the North Dakota Geocaching Association Camping and Caching event.  Saturday was the main day of the weekend, with a couple of games to kick off the morning.  I was a bit late getting to the gazebo where the games were being held.  Lack of sleep during the week (dealing with something), and my first night camping wasn't the best.  Getting a little off topic for a bit; my camping neighbor to one side had the headlights of their car on and it shon…