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Geocaching and the Snow Maze

Good morning everyone.  The oldest Earthcache in Manitoba is "Dunes Day', GC12902.  It was hidden on April 18, 2007.  It is still active, receiving 16 favorite points so far with 76 found logs.  The oldest event listing for Manitoba is interesting.  "Turtle Island Festival GPS Challenge" GCGKHB is listed to have taken place on August 6, 2003.  In the description, the event date is listed as August 9, 2003.  There are only two log entries for this event.  Both in 2004.  A needs archive by local cachers Peter & Gloria (they're still active) and by mtn-man, who archived this listing.  I'm not sure if this event did take place in 2003 and how many people actually attended.

There are many attractions and places of interest in and around the city of Winnipeg.  In the Fall, there are corn mazes.  It is just that, a maze carved in a field of corn.  One of these mazes can be found about 10 minutes South of Winnipeg.  It is called A Maze In Corn.  It's not ju…
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Geocaching and I've Got Mail, pt 2

Good morning everyone.  Continuing with last week's fun fact; the furthest caches in Manitoba (including archived caches) located in the North, West, and South.  To the North, "Gangler's - Northern Pike"  GC327X9.  It had a D/T rating of 5/3.5.  Hidden in July of 2011, it was found twice before being archived in August, 2014.  It's latitude was N58 58.807  To the West, "Builded Better" GC2GGK8.  Hidden in October, 2010 with a rating of 1/1.  It was found 16 times before being archived in September, 2015.  It had a longitude of W101 52.785  Finally, the most Southerly geocache in Manitoba.  "Straight to the Point"  GC206D6.  Hidden in October, 2009 with a 1.5/1.5 rating.  It was found 46 times before being archived in August, 2012.  It's latitude was N49 00.080.

I've been getting some geocaching stuff in the mail over the past couple of months.  More so over the Christmas holidays.  This week, I want to share with you some of the goodie…

Geocaching and the January Cache Advance Cache Crate.

Good morning everyone.  I like to play around on project-gc from time to time and see what interesting stuff I can find.  I discovered a map that shows the furthest North, South, East, West and oldest geocache in a particular area.  Of the five for Manitoba, the only active caches on that list are furthest East:  "Port Nelson"  GC4Q38M.  It was hidden in October, 2013 and only found once, July, 2014.  It has a 4/4 D/T rating.  It's longitude is W92 35.629  The other active cache is Manitoba's oldest, "C1BUA - cache1n a built up area" GC21C.  Hidden in February 2001, it has 477 logged finds so far.

The January Cache Advance Cache Crate arrived.  What goodies are inside this time?  When I do this, I have no idea what I'm about to pull out of the box.  I reach in and take pictures of the items as I pull them out.  It sort of adds to the excitement.  Same could be said when I open my mailbox.  I never know what's inside.  Mostly bills, flyers, and other…

Geocaching and 2019 in Review

Good morning everyone.  Who was busy in 2019 finding geocaches?  Locally, that would be 4elements5senses with 2,276 finds.  Across Canada, Troqueurs32 with 11,071.  South of the border, mondou2 led all American geocachers with 18,933.  In North Dakota, Tick_Magnet had 2,084 finds and next door in Minnesota, Lalang had 4,512 found geocaches.

It's that time of year again where we say goodbye to the year that's over and hello to a new year.  Time to reflect and reminisce about the highs and lows.  My favorite at this time of year are the sports plays and misplays.  Those are always fun to watch.  For the sake of this blog, I'll stick to my year in geocaching and to a certain extent, my personal life.

It was an interesting year to say the least.  While some doors closed, others opened.  The year started with me stepping away from the local caching association where I was the treasurer and stats person.  These were positions that I loved and enjoyed doing.  I was also promoting…

Geocaching and #IHeartGCHiders

Good morning everyone. This week, the fun facts is all about those who hide geocaches.  First up is the top hiders for 2019.  Locally, here in Manitoba, that honor goes to Semb with 333 hides.  For Canada, it's bootecacher with 749.  bootecacher is actually a team of nine geocachers that hide caches in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.  Across the border, i.findit hid the most in North Dakota with 81 hides.  Nationally, JcTAZ hid 1,885 geocaches.  Now for the most hides overall.  Locally, that's Jabbywockyz with 927.  Across Canada, it's geowhacker in Prince Edward Island with 3,420.  Looking South, Tick_Magnet has hid the most in North Dakota with 292.  Across the States, it's TeamSageBrushers in Nevada with 24,004.

As you may recall last year, Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger decided to create a week where we, the geocachers, let Geocaching Headquarters know just how much we appreciate all the work they do behind the scenes so we can keep participati…

Geocaching and 3-2-1 GO!!

Good morning everyone.  Continuing with last week's theme for the fun facts, how many new cache listings was there in other countries around the world in 2019?  Jamaica has two new listings, Chile - 41, Christmas Island didn't have any but there are eight caches located here.  Luxembourg - 610, Afghanistan (alphabetically they are listed first for countries) - zero, Zimbabwe (alphabetically they are listed last for countries) - 4, Samoa - also had no new listings, Tanzania - 16, finally Turks and Caicus Islands - 2.

I've been fairly clear on how I feel about the virtual souvenirs that Geocaching HQ keeps cranking out.  I don't put the effort in to obtain these souvenirs that no one will ever see.  The chances of someone creeping my FB page are greater than someone checking out my souvenir page on my geocaching profile.  Another reason that I don't put any effort in to accomplishing these so called goals is that I don't have the time.  Since I'm on vacation …