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Geocaching and Kildonan Park pt 4,

Good morning everyone.  CITO season will soon be here.  Have you started planning a CITO for the Spring?  The Manitoba geocacher to have attended the most CITOs is dani_carriere with 22 attended.  Top North Dakotan is Former Hawkeye with 13 attended.

This week concludes my walk around Kildonan Park.  I have to admit that I haven't been walking lately.  Temperatures and wind chill in the -40C range will do that.  Although I have seen some hardy souls walking around the park and some with their dogs.  We left off the last time at Rainbow Stage.  Right next door to Rainbow Stage is the outdoor pool.  It was classified as an Olympic size pool.  I'm not sure if it retains that distinction after renovations a few years back.  You can wade in to the shallow end and water slides have been added.  The wading pool in the front was removed and a splash pad inside the pool area was added.
It doesn't look like much in the picture, but come summertime, this place is packed.  I have bee…
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Geocaching and the Challenge

Good morning everyone.  This week isn't a fun fact, but a few goals I hope to attain this year.  It also plays off of last week's fun fact where I broke down my finds in North Dakota.  In 2019, I plan on reaching 200 finds in North Dakota (up from the current 125, or a 75 find increase).  Add 9 new North Dakota counties to my list (I currently have found caches in 9 counties, so increasing the total to 18), and attend at least 3 events in North Dakota.

This week I want to look at the some of the challenges, be it a challenge cache, a personal geocaching challenge, or a challenge of our personal comfort zone.  We all know about challenge caches.  The other mystery type.  You can find and sign the challenge cache, but you can't claim it as found until you have completed the task required.  That task can be anything geocaching related.  Although, the challenge cache was put in a moratorium by Geocaching HQ for a short time while the powers that be reviewed and made changes to…

Geocaching and avenging a DNF

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is a breakdown of the caches I have found in North Dakota so far.  I have found: Mystery - 2, Virtual - 3, Multi - 2, Earth - 1, Event - 5, Letterbox - 0, and traditional - 112 for a total of 125 caches found in 9 different counties.

One part of this game that every geocacher will experience is the dreaded Did Not Find (DNF).  The blue, unhappy face on your geocaching map.  Avenging that DNF, finding that cache you couldn't find before for whatever reason, makes that find just that more special.  That feeling of exhilaration like you just made fire by rubbing two sticks together.  Success.  You've conquered that nagging blue face on your map and turned it into a happy face.  I was able to do that with not just one, or two, but three DNFs in a single day.  It wasn't my plan to avenge these age old DNFs.  All three DNFs came on the same day and are part of the Headingley Co-operative power trail.  March 24, 2014.  Almost five …

Geocaching and #IheartGCHQ

Good morning everyone.  Normally I start off each blog with some random fun fact about geocaching.  This week will be a little different.  I'm going to include some fun facts within this blog about Geocaching HQ and geocaching in general.
(the official geocaching logo)
This past week was Geocaching HQ appreciation week.  It was the first year to show our appreciation and say thank you to the people at HQ for all the work they do that allows us to enjoy this amazing hobby.  Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger took the initiative to start this project.  I wasn't aware of this until after I had published my blog last week.  Last week's blog did fit in as it was an adventure that I went on with Auntie Mo to Manitoba's oldest active geocache.  We never would have gone to these places and experienced what we did if it wasn't for geocaching.  The idea behind the GCHQ appreciation week was to flood HQ with all sorts of thank you, we love geocaching notes, letters, pictures, an…

Geocaching and Kildonan Park pt.3

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is about caches found.  Specifically, geocaches in North Dakota by non-North Dakota residents.  JB from Manitoba leads the way with 2,579 finds (he ranks 3rd with North Dakota geocachers having found ND caches).  Sullisallers from Minnesota is next with 2,217 finds (ranks 4th).  d.. from South Dakota has 1,518 finds (sits in 8th overall) .  I'm sitting at 496th place among ND geocachers with 125 finds.

This week is part three of my favorite park, Kildonan Park.  I left off part two at the Witch's Hut on the East side of the park.  Before we continue our journey South along the road, I want to mention another part of the park that's across the creek from the Witch's Hut.  The North Flower Garden.  Another popular spot for picture taking.
(As I walked through the garden, someone was having professional pictures taken).
(Clearly I had taken these pictures in early fall.  Right now, it's covered in snow and there isn…

Geocaching and Past Adventures pt 1

Good morning everyone.  Last week I looked at caches in North Dakota found by non-North Dakota residents.  This week, it's caches placed in Manitoba found by non-Manitoba residents.  This does not include those who have lived in Manitoba and have since moved away.  Olemaz from Saskatchewan has the most with 2,775 finds and ranks 68th overall.  tcummin, also from Saskatchewan has 2,587 finds and is 76th overall.  ArtyLab from the North West Territories has 1,950 finds and ranks 112th overall.

Today I want to share with you, one of my past adventures.  I was going through some of my geocaching pictures when I came across a few from a particular adventure that I went on.  The date was August 2nd, 2015.  I wanted to go and get the oldest active geocache in Manitoba.  That would be "C1BUA cache 1n a built up area"  GC21C.  Joining me on this adventure was my geocache puzzle solving friend and navigator Auntie Mo.  We set off early that morning, if memory serves me correctly, …

Geocaching and the year in review, 2018

Good morning everyone.  Going with today's theme of looking back at 2018, these are the top finders of caches for the year.  Manitoba - Awol 3,193.  Canada - joce13 (Quebec) 9,778.  North Dakota - Butterfly_77 1,330.  United States - FeartGoblin (Utah) - 18,829

It's that time of year where we say hello to a new year (2019) and bid farewell to the old year (2018).  One thing you can't escape at this time of year is the look back at the year that has past.  Everyone highlights the highs, the lows, the funny and not funny moments.  I thought I'd do the same.  How do I want this to come across to the readers?  I would like it to be positive and entertaining.  That eliminates my personal life as it was neither.  Since this is suppose to be a blog about geocaching, I will focus on geocaching as a whole and where geocaching took me in 2018.  I can't guarantee that this will be 100% positive.  In fact, as I proof read this, I do see some negative seeping through.  Without …