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Geocaching and Kildonan Park part 1

Good morning everyone.  I want to look at the hiking attributes as the fun facts for this week.  How many of the three hiking attributes do you have?  Currently, I have 313 Short Hike (less than 1km), 73 Medium Hike (1-10km), and 6 Significant Hikes (more than 10km).

This week isn't really about geocaching.  I want to share where I like to go for a walk after work and for everyone to see why this is my favorite park.  My initial plan was to make a single blog on this topic.  What I didn't realize was the amount of pictures I had taken.  I'm going to split this up into several blogs, scattered over time.  I will discuss one of the caches that can be found in the park and share a few pictures of the park itself.

First, a little history of the area known as Kildonan Park.  Located in the North part of the city, the park was established in 1909 and includes 99 acres of green space along the banks of the Red River.  You will find some of the oldest trees in the park, along with…
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Geocaching and the Birthday Extravaganza

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is all about the bicycle attribute.  How many caches have you found that has the good for bicycles attribute?  I have found 1,366 so far.  I also have 10 negative or not good for bicycle attributes.

In mid-August, there was an event up in Steep Rock, Manitoba (two hours North on Hwy #6 on the shores of Lake Manitoba), hosted by local vlogger and You Tuber Hakliva.  It was her birthday and she was hosting a couple of events.  Friday night was a bonfire, Saturday was a bike ride and a CITO.  When this was announced, I checked my calendar to see if I was available to attend any of these events.  As it turns out, it's right in the middle of my two weeks with my boys, d-2002 and Mew Two.  Attending was out of the question.  I had relayed my regrets to Hakliva and left it at that.

When I was picking my boys up for my two weeks, my ex asked if Mew Two could spend the weekend back at the house as she needed him.  Ok.  Thoughts of maybe bein…

Geocaching and the Vacation pt 2.

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is all about the Virtual cache.  There are 12 virtuals in Manitoba (I have nine of them so far) and 5 in North Dakota (I have 3 of those).  Do you have all the virtuals in your area?

Last week I looked back on the first two days I had for vacation and my trip down to Grand Forks, ND and Bemidji, MN.  This week is the other two days I was gone.  In total, it was a four day geocaching vacation.  After spending about 12 hours driving and caching between Grand Forks and Bemidji on the Sunday, I really didn't feel like doing any driving on the Monday.

The plan for the Monday was just to hang out in Grand Forks, finding some caches, playing Pok√©mon, and capturing Munzees.  The morning was spent walking around the neighbourhood, doing all three.  It was a nice day for a walk and I was able to do all three and just check things out.  Eventually, I ended up at the park where the smiling water tower is located.
(Anyone who has been to Grand …

Geocaching and the Vacation pt 1.

Good morning everyone.  How many countries have you found a cache in while travelling?  Top Canadian for most countries is K-Romers from Nova Scotia with 97 countries on six continents.  Top American is Hid Pro Quo with 112 countries on six continents.  I have 2 countries on one continent, and I've done that in one day.  LOL.

This year, I booked three weeks off for summer vacation.  I've never taken this many weeks in a row before.  I usually take two in the summer and spread the other three out over the course of the year (I get five weeks in total).  This year, I have my boys for two weeks so I know there won't be much geocaching done then.  So, I took an extra week for myself just to do all the geocaching I could.  I have to submit my vacation request by the end of February.  The original plan was to do a whirlwind tour through North Dakota and South Dakota in a span of six days.  I would go down to Sioux Falls, SD, find some caches owned by SoDakZak, head West to Mt. R…

Geocaching and the caching mojo

Good morning everyone.  I'm back and so is fun facts.  This week's fun fact is all about DNFs.  How many have you logged so far?  I have 189 logged DNFs to date.  I have had redemption on some of those DNFs.  Some have been archived since.  I'm not quick to log a DNF.  If it was a quick half-hearted search, then I won't log anything.  If it's an honest search and I believe the cache is missing, then I'll log the DNF.

After my publicized meltdown/rant, my caching mojo went into the tank.  What is a caching mojo?  We know what caching is, but a caching mojo?  I Googled mojo to see what definition came up.  Mojo has a couple of meanings.  Urban Dictionary says: mojo is a noun originally used to mean a magic charm or spell.  It could also be an amulet, often in the form of a small bag containing magic items worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo.  It could also mean a quality or some ability that brings good luck or helps you be good at something.  It has also taken…

Geocaching and the Follow Up

Good morning everyone.  Once again, there is no fun fact this week.  There actually was no plan to put out a blog for this week or for the next few weeks as I wanted to step away for a bit.  Take a step into the shadows and lurk around like a ninja (practicing my geocaching stealth skills).  As I sit here listening to some good tunes (classic rock rules), I started to reflect on what's transpired since my rant last week.  That's what today will be about.  The aftermath of my meltdown.

With a rant like I did last week, there will be supporters and non-supporters.  For those who gave me words of encouragement and hoped that I'd be ok, thank you.  It was much appreciated.  I did get a few private messages.  Again, some in support, and some not really in support, but their words were done in a respectful way that I was able to let what they said sink in.  Being respectful can have a bigger effect and that was something that was lacking on my part during my meltdown.  Thank you…

Geocaching and odds & ends pt. 2

Good morning everyone.  No fun facts this week.  As you read on, you'll understand why.  I want to go on a bit of a rant this morning, so this will be a darker post compared to my usual fare.  May not be family friendly either but I'll try to keep that in check as best as I can.

The game of geocaching is ever growing in size.  New people find out about it and get all excited to hide their very own geocache.  Some evolve and become awesome with their hides.  One example of that are local cachers Sweethearts14.  They started geocaching in September of last year.  Since then they've found over 1,200 caches and have 69 of their caches published so far.  Their hides have gotten better and better.  Also their coordinates are basically bang on.  They've been doing more and more puzzles and even their puzzles have evolved.  An example of one of their fun puzzles is this one "Sticky Flamingo" GC7W07P  I had a blast doing this puzzle.  The solved coordinates were very …