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Geocaching and the Cache Owner pt. 2

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is all about trackables.  The Manitoba geocacher who has discovered the most trackables is =GeoJoe= with 2,781 discoveries.  In North Dakota, that honor goes to WhiskeySowers with 688 trackables discovered.

Earlier this year, I did a blog about being a cache owner and asked the question, when is it a good time to archive your own caches?  Today I'm going to take you with me as I, a cache owner, archive some of my caches.  I will reflect on why I hid a container in that particular spot.  Majority of the caches I archived were still in good shape.  Only three that I checked on were missing.  The reasons for archiving vary slightly, but for the most part, it's the inability to maintain the caches.  Why can't I maintain these hides?  That's quite simple.  I had all my geocaching gear stolen out of my car.  Yup.  Gone.  Flashlight, i-pod, my custom made caching bag with my caching name on it (a gift from sm66) with everything…
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Geocaching and Beausejour

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact has to do with today's topic.  At it's peak, there was 22 geocaches located within the Beausejour area.  Two are owned by Muz and Girlie, two by 3Woloskis, two by WpgAdventures, and one each by paintball assassin and crackerjackie.  The other fourteen were owned by me.

This week I'm pointing the spotlight at a town that I called home for seven months; Beausejour.  Beausejour is located 46 kilometers (28.5 miles) Northeast from Winnipeg, or about a 47 minute drive, with a population of just over three thousand residents.  The town name is French, meaning "nice stay".  How it came to be known as such varies with the most suggested saying it was given by the railway officials who found high, dry ground compared to low-lying, wetter areas surrounding the area.  Originally, the area was called "Stoney Prairie", and then renamed "Burgoyne Station".  It was in 1877 that the area became known as Beausej…

Geocaching and Kildonan Park pt.2

Good morning everyone.  I am back after a brief hiatus as I sort through some issues.  The desire to write wasn't there.  It is hard to do anything creative when the creative juices isn't happening.  Without further adieu, here is this week's fun fact.  The cache with the most log images in North Dakota is Painted Canyon Overlook (GC238GK) with 664 images so far.  Second place is Uncle John's (GCE835) with 398 and third place is Red River Flood Plains - Grand Forks (GC1RJ14) with 254 images.  I'll have to find a way to get down to Painted Canyon Overlook as it's the only one of the top three that I don't have.

This week I want to continue my look at my favorite park, Kildonan Park.  Last time, I was heading up the West side of the park.  Now we're at the North section of the park and heading East.  To the right side is a large open field, great for kite flying, a pick up game of football or soccer, or just to run around.  Off in the distance you can see…

Geocaching and the Birthday week

Good morning everyone.  Fun fact for this week, most caches in an area according to project-gc.  In Manitoba, no surprise here, Winnipeg leads the way with 1,790 geocaches.  Dauphin is second with 1,027.  Pembina Valley, which includes the cities of Morden and Winkler is fourth with 859 geocaches hidden.  On the other side of the border in North Dakota; Cass County (which includes the city of Fargo) leads the way with 427 geocaches.  Williams County sits in eighth spot with 139 and Stark County is next with 120.  I haven't been to Williams or Stark counties yet.  Maybe next year for the North Dakota Camping and Caching event.  Fingers crossed.

Do you do anything special that's geocaching related when it's your birthday?  Do you host an event so you can celebrate with your geocaching friends?  Do you go on a geocaching adventure?  This week, I'll be looking at what I do and how I celebrate my birthday, geocaching style.

Depending on what day of the week my birthday fall…

Geocaching and the Zoo part 2 and the forest

Good morning everyone.  When I put together the fun fact for each blog, I don't know what it might be until almost last minute.  Sometimes it might have a connection to the blog itself, or as the case for this week, no connection at all.  Sometimes even I'm surprised by what I find as in the case for this week's fun fact.  The geocacher with the most hidden caches are: In Canada it's geowhacker with 3,415 hides and by the looks of things, all on Prince Edward Island.  Interesting side note to this, geowhacker has found zero caches.  None, Zip, Zilch.  A great big goose egg.  Across the border, top American is Team SageBrushers with 24,004 caches hidden.  Interesting side note to them, they have found 44 caches, with 14 of those being events.  With so many caches hidden, these people are probably too busy hiding and doing maintenance and no time to find caches.

This week is my return to the zoo, four weeks later.  When I was there at the beginning of September, it was t…

Geocaching and the Zoo part 1

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact plays off of a question that Cache Canada asked on their FB page Cache Canada's FB page this week.  What is your highest elevation cache found?  The highest in Canada is Mount Temple (GC1607) in Alberta with an elevation of 11,476ft.  A DT rating of 4.5/5, it has been found 11 times since 2001 with the last find being in 2017.  My highest elevation cache found is Sulphur Mountain (GC134E), also in Alberta with an elevation of 7,215ft.  It is the 428th highest cache in Canada.  I also took to gondola up.

Every year for the past nine years, there has been an event at our local zoo.  The geocaches that are hidden inside are archived to make way for new ones for the next event at the end of September.  I haven't been to a zoo event.  For one reason or another, I'm not available on the day the event is being held.  That was the case again last year.  Knowing that the caches inside were about to be archived, I made it a plan duri…