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Geocaching and odds & ends pt. 2

Good morning everyone.  No fun facts this week.  As you read on, you'll understand why.  I want to go on a bit of a rant this morning, so this will be a darker post compared to my usual fare.  May not be family friendly either but I'll try to keep that in check as best as I can.

The game of geocaching is ever growing in size.  New people find out about it and get all excited to hide their very own geocache.  Some evolve and become awesome with their hides.  One example of that are local cachers Sweethearts14.  They started geocaching in September of last year.  Since then they've found over 1,200 caches and have 69 of their caches published so far.  Their hides have gotten better and better.  Also their coordinates are basically bang on.  They've been doing more and more puzzles and even their puzzles have evolved.  An example of one of their fun puzzles is this one "Sticky Flamingo" GC7W07P  I had a blast doing this puzzle.  The solved coordinates were very …

Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt. 3

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is most found Letterbox Hybrid Caches in Manitoba during the Hidden Creatures promo.  They are: manymoos with 19, GG&J and myself with 16, Hakliva with 15, and QuiltinAnnie with 14.

Last week I wrapped up my two day adventure with Hakliva, completing a geo-art that was started in April, and finding unique field puzzle caches.  In total , for me, 159 caches logged as found.  5 DNFs (2 have been confirmed missing and disabled since by that particular CO and 2 others have since been replaced by a different CO), and three notes on challenge caches that I didn't quite meet the requirements (I have since met the requirements of one).  That isn't the end of the adventures I would go on during the Hidden Creatures promo.

There's one cache, just Northeast of the city that appears to be in the middle of nowhere.  No roads leading to ground zero, no real way of getting there other than marching thru fields.  It's been on my rad…

Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt 2

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact has the potential to being another blog down the road.  It's all about my FTFs (First to Finds).  From March 14, 2014 to June 4, 2018 I have a total of 15 FTFs.  From July 16, 2018 to August 11. 2018 I have added 12 more FTFs to my list, for a total of 27.  Not sure if it's something I ate, drank, something in the air, but I've become a FTF hound.  **I had to edit this as I got two more after this was typed, and went for one more this morning that I had solved at 1:30am.  I should have went at 1:30am.  I missed out on that one.**

This week I continue with my adventure with Hakliva and her vlog is also the continuation as she captured it.  We accomplished what we wanted to do for the Saturday, set up camp, and turned in for the evening.  Sunday was a new set of goals.  There are a bunch of challenge caches that I wanted to get (I love challenge caches) and Hakliva wanted to do a series of field puzzle caches.  The challenge c…

Geocaching and Hidden Creatures pt 1

Good morning everyone.  This week's fun fact is all about Manitoba geocachers with the most finds in July.  They are:  two gemseekers - 748, JB - 668, JAB007 - 549, and Hakliva - 461.  I finished 14th in the province with 233 finds in July.  A total of 1,044 Manitoba geocachers found at least one geocache in July.

This is the second week that my blog will coincide with Hakliva's vlog.  We'll both be looking at the most recent Geocaching HQ promotion that just concluded over a week ago.  This time around, all you needed to do was find 100 geocaches in a 29 day period as specified by Geocaching HQ to unlock 13 souvenirs.  The first few were easy, but the numbers needed to unlock the remaining souvenirs became harder.  When this promotion was announced, my initial reaction was "meh".  Nothing really difficult to finding 100 geocaches, unless you live in a rural area and you have your area cached out within a 50 mile radius.  Unlike last summer's Mary Hyde promot…